Inquiry Library

Inquiry Library

Inquiry Library

This is a store for all documents relating to the Inquiry.

NB: Welsh Government responses to Objectors are with the relevant objections under Respondents to Published Draft Statutory Orders .

In the interests of sustainability, the Inquiry Library is available electronically with a hard copy of key documents being available during the Inquiry at the venue . Printed copies of library documents can be made available on request.

The Inquiry Library comprises the following main sections:

Sets out the facts of the case on behalf of the promoter. This will outline the promoter’s position and sets out the whole picture of the case.

Correspondence relating to the published draft statutory orders. This includes all objectors, supporters, withdrawn objections and comments to date.

This section contains a multitude of documents that aims to provide essential background information relating to the Inquiry.

Documents and correspondence prepared and/or submitted in relation to the Inquiry, and questions and responses submitted in relation to the Inquiry can be found here.

Proofs of Evidence documents for each respondent appearing at the Inquiry. These will contain facts and expert opinion derived from the respondents’ own professional or local knowledge.

All documents in response to each objectors’ case can be found here. 

Certain documents can be found in one of the deposit stores designated for this Inquiry. The location of each store can be found on the Deposit Locations page.